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Emotional Education®

The "Emotional Education®" offers K12 Students a student-centric learning and management system. Providing the world’s most advanced web-architected student learning and management system, "Emotional Education® " allows access to a holistic view of a student's progress from eights standard till his graduation.

Since 2001, the "Emotional Education®” has been the leader in supporting the K-12 sector by focusing on institutional effectiveness, operational efficiency and student success. The benefits of using "Emotional Education®” include :

  • Emotional Education ® is the model which analyses the individual student on Psychological, Social, Academic, Professional ,Spiritual trends .In the process of Character and career building all the above trends plays vital important role
  • Improved mental strength leading to better outcomes for students
  • The ability to implement learning skills very effectively
  • leadership and management skills development

Today, we continue to advance our role in education by maximising student success and institutional effectiveness. Our solutions allow students to develop personalized academic and career plans based on their goals, interests, abilities and learning styles and enable institutions to reach and connect with students that are the right fit and help them stay on track to achieve their goals.

"Emotional Education" module we take a five dimensional approach…

We measure our achievements by the achievements of our students.

K-12 Mentoring & Coaching

Vajrakavach is having super specialised expertise in K-12 Students mentoring and Coaching . We offer services on multi-dimensional parameters as per need of the organisation as well individual.

Presently we are focusing on :

  1. Techno- Spiritual Students analysis & Mentoring
  2. Five Dimensional Students analysis& Mentoring
  3. Strategic Students Mentoring
  4. Students Knowledge management analysis & Mentoring

All the modules and programs are strictly for K-12 Students Only.

Psychometric Analysis

Offers this as an OPTIONAL Value Added Service.

We offer premium and highly specialised services to its deserving students

We help parents to identify and correct the psychological deficiencies of their ward.

we analyse students on following parameters.






and many more psychological parameters...

The values of student-model variables represent selected aspects of the infinite configurations of skill and knowledge real students have, based on a theory or a set of beliefs about skill and knowledge in the domain. These variables are the vehicle through which we determine student progress, make decisions, or plan instruction for students. The number and nature of the student model variables depend on the purpose of an assessment. A single variable characterizing overall proficiency in algebra might suffice in an assessment meant only to support a pass/fail decision; a coached practice system to help students develop the same proficiency might require a finer grained student model, to monitor how a student is doing on particular aspects of skill and knowledge for which we can offer feedback. When the purpose is program evaluation, the student model variables should reflect hypothesized ways in which a program may enjoy more or less success, or promote students’ learning in some ways as opposed to others.

Types of Psychometric Tests

There are a wide variety of psychometric tests. Some focus on measuring a specific skill or aptitude, while others look to create a profile on a subject’s particular traits. Here is an overview of some of the most widely-used psychometric tests:

General Test Types

These are the general types of psychometric tests offered to employees, candidates, students, and individuals:

Educational Intelligence

Vajrakavach offers services in generation of intelligence for institutions as well for the individuals .This covers

  1. Feasibility studies for educational Institutions
  2. Students/Parents Satisfactions surveys for educational Institutions
  3. Benchmarking Exercise for educational Institutions
  4. New Resources Identification for for educational Institutions
  5. Identification of correct choices for students
  6. Educational career planning

Strategic Career Planning

We have a special focus on career counseling and career selection.

We offer services almost in all the educational and psychological sectors.

We assists candidates to stream line the mental health.

Our other optional Value Added services are..

  • Barrier Analysis
  • Identification of Resources
  • Strategising the Mental Strength
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Retention Booster Techniques
  • Confidence Booster Techniques

Success parameters

  1. Till date we are working on hit ratio of almost 98.88 %
  2. Students who underwent “Emotional Education” Programme; out of them almost 45% are now in Engineering & Management, 15% are in Commerce, 15% in CA, 10% in Medicine, 15% in other Streams of specialisation of their choice.
  3. "Emotional Education" programme is dispensed to 1800+ students in previous ten years. With 500+ new entrants.
  4. On an average students scored 30% - 49% more percentage than their previous passing exam.
  5. Consistently maintaining student & parent satisfaction index at 98.33% since 2001 with no dropouts.