Strategic Business Planning

Corporate Strategy

Organizations constantly have to transform themselves to continue growing in today’s fast changing business environment. However, being strategically agile is not easy for today’s leading companies, long accustomed to a period of industry consolidation and growth through increasing capacity. Business leaders need to revisit their organizational portfolio periodically to decide what will continue to be their core focus or competency and what to do with non-core businesses.

Corporate strategy not only involves choosing the right plan for growth today, but also ensuring that the company can quickly react to dynamic marketplaces and competitive environments.

Business Strategy

A good business plan is just the starting point and can soon become outdated. However falling behind in a tough environment, making poor investment decisions or focusing on the wrong product or service could mean a long term disadvantage or even a shake out of the race.

The automotive and energy sectors are on the verge of a new area, the green age, where the future is increasingly being shaped by environmental legislation and other issues such as demographic disparity, emerging market economic growth and changing customer behavior. Existing business models are further complicated by competition from lower cost developing markets, industry deregulation and technology convergence, and must be re-assessed on an ongoing basis. More important than ever companies need to wisely put their assets to use to successfully compete in today’s tough market conditions.

Why choose Vajrakavach

Our consulting approach combines extensive industry knowledge with rigorous, fact-based analyses to determine the optimal strategies for a corporation or business unit. Having access to know-how of one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies enables us to bring in our own unique viewpoints on markets or industries.

Specific areas where we can add value include:

  • Developing corporate portfolio strategy
  • Indentifying strategic partners for joint venture, partnering on product development and merger or acquisition
  • Spin-off or sale of non-core business units
  • Outlining organizational structures to improve efficiency and agility
  • Creating and redefining business plans
  • Designing market entry strategies
  • Organizational and specific business unit benchmarks

Brand & Product Development

Today’s world of marketing & sales is in a phase of transition where different media channels and technologies are converging, product and pricing information is readily available, brand identity and image are becoming increasingly important, and customers are expecting high level of service.

Companies are faced with increasing competitive environments in which capturing and retaining customer profitably is a great challenge.

Organizations need to understand customer requirements and track customer behavior in the fast changing global environment. Building up and maintaining a well recognized brand profile offers customers orientation and identification. In converging global economic conditions the effective interaction between marketing, sales and service is a key enabler to improving a company’s profit. It’s becoming increasingly important how companies structure and carry out their sales efforts – using innovative tools and methods, ensuring the right channel for product groups, aligning the sales force with customers, increasing sales productivity, developing new customer segments to ensure future growth prospects.

Why choose Vajrakavach

Vajrakavach Strategic Solutions has gained extensive experience in supporting clients to maneuver through the challenges and pitfalls of marketing and brand management as well as helping to shape state-of-the-art sales forces and effective sales methods. Services we cover include:

  • Brand strategy and brand management
  • Development of Customer Relationship Management strategies
  • Development of customer satisfaction and loyalty programs
  • After-sales strategies and service portfolio definition
  • Pricing strategies and pricing systems for product lines, options and bundles
  • Product planning and cycle management
  • Launch management and go-to-market strategies
  • Sales planning, including market forecast and volume modeling
  • Market channel assessments, dealer performance management, dealer margin models, sales incentives, and direct sales
  • Sales force benchmarking and training

We help companies achieve sustainable profitable growth, by driving or supporting their innovation initiatives (product / service and business model innovation) and by strengthening their internal innovation capabilities.

Business Intelligence

Vajrakavach assist clients in conducting and analyzing primary and secondary research across select domains and geographies. The firm leverages extensive end-user contacts to clearly define and comprehend a variety of client-critical industry metrics, including market drivers & restraints, challenges, key industry participants, market shares & trends, among others.

Vajrakavach accesses the entire complement of published data necessary to assess sector performance at all levels. The firm’s studies consist of detailed market sizing and forecasting presented in concise, user-friendly formats.

Vajrakavach offers these services under the title of "iikshamaan".

Project Development & Consulting

Vajrakavach's Project development & consulting are "Dream To Destination " (D2D) services. We at Vajrakavach is a single window solution for our esteemed clients and patrons to fulfill their all requirements with reference to the projects.

Vajrakavach Offers these D2D services in following phases -

  1. Conceptualisation to development of Prototype product
  2. Scaling up of prototype to Commercialisation of product
  3. Establishment of Manufacturing units
  4. Liasoning with all the relevant government and non government agencies

Prime Focus Areas :

  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Consumer Durables
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Health care
  • Waste Water
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Biotechnology
  • Environment
  • Unconventional & alternative power
  • Pharma

R&D Set Up Development

Vajrakavach offers services in design and development of in-house and Commercial R&D units. Presently we are offering the services in following areas:

  • Pharma
  • Biotechnology
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Waste Water
  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Unconventional & alternative power

Government Funding

Government Of India offers huge amount of funding assistance for -

  1. R&D
  2. New Product Development
  3. Scale up of prototype Technologies
  4. New Technology Initiatives

Through many schemes of Department Of Science And Technology, Department Of Biotechnology, Technology Development Board ,DSIR, CSIR Government Of India sanctions these funding assistances.

Vajrakavach identifies your exact need and the Potential of growth of your project. We suggest your organisation the most appropriate solution to accomplish your dreams.

We offer services to complete formalities ,Liasoning with relevent agencies to generate required funding for the dream projects from the government / funding agencies.

Assistance in getting various Government Sanction.

  • Resource Identification & Coordination
  • Strategising the Project
  • Reduction in carbon foot prints
  • Technology Up gradation.. & Other activities

IPR services

Vajrakavach offers services in patent registration ,Management of IPR , and related formalities, along with generation of funds from required government agencies.

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

Vajrakavach is having super specialised expertise in executive mentoring and Coaching . We offer services on multi-dimensional parameters as per need of the organisation as well individual.

Presently we are focusing on :

  1. Techno- Spiritual Leadership analysis & Mentoring
  2. Five Dimensional Leadership analysis& Mentoring
  3. Strategic Leadership Mentoring
  4. Leadership Knowledge management analysis & Mentoring

All the modules and programs are strictly for senior and Top Management Executives

Executive Psychometrics

As a part of Executive Mentoring we undertake many psychometric programmes that benefit the corporate some of them are as under :

MSME Initiative

Vajrakavach is committed to offer most reliable and scientific solutions; in our efforts towards this, Vajrakavach has launched a very special initiative for Entrepreneurs & MSME organisations.

In this initiative to set up a business Vajrakavach will step by step help MSME’s for :

  • Entrepreneurship Decision Making
  • Discovery Of market Opportunities
  • Understanding business and competition.
  • Research on your ideas and concepts
  • Identifying your USP's
  • Identifying right technology for you
  • Legal Structure for your organisation
  • Incorporation & Other legal formalities
  • Business plan Creation & Expansion of Business
  • Business Funding Advisory & Execution
  • Quality Certifications as per your project need